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Description - 3 in einem:

o  100% ecological and recyclable
o  Self-adaptive packaging to content 
o  Multiple reusable

100% ecological and recyclable
Self-adaptive packaging to content 
Multiple reusable

What if your packaging would adapt itself to the content? What if you didn't need any more filling material? What if you could use this packaging several times?

Not possible - is not possible.
We thought so too, well not really, that's why we developed the U-Box. Sustainable, ecological, flexible, reusable and recyclable.

Be part of the packaging solution of the next century. U-Box

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Pitch Deck

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General Information

Umbrella/Umbrella Ltd* ist ein  Label der Nuts Handels Gmbh  1190 Wien Sollingergasse 25-5. Firmensitz Wien, Handelsgericht Wien. 


Adresse: Nuts Handels GmbH A-1190 Wien Sollingergasse 25-5 FAX 0043 1 34242 902626 Sämtliche juristischen Belange mit Umbrella/Umbrella Ltd. betreffen daher ausschliesslich die Nuts Handels GmbH 
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