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Anker 1 - Innovatione Übrsicht


Overview of our innovations

For a short presentation of the innovation please click on the corresponding image

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Origami Shading Energy

Shading + energy generation + noise reduction

Status: Patent

Yield: up to 25%*

from Euro 15.000

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Revolutionary parasol for beach and gastronomy

Status: PCT Evaluation

Yield: up to 20%*

from Euro 5.000


Completely new multifunctional packaging solution

Status: PCT Evaluation

Yield: up to 15%

from Euro 3.000

Forms of investment

They value seriousness, discretion and flexibility of their investment. Then you are exactly right with Umbrella. We try to make the possibility of making your investment with us as simple and flexible as possible. With us you will not find endless sub-items in the contracts, no complicated diagrams, such as linking to price levels, index linkages, interest rate developments, if-then linkages and the like. We are looking for simple solutions for people who appreciate a clear and simple business concept. Investors who recognize and value future technologies and products and build on common sense. Our offer to you is therefore quite simple: The higher your financial commitment to one of our innovations, the higher your return. Investment can be that simple. You will find the corresponding contractually possible interest rates in the documents.

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Documents OSE

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Documents Ombrella

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Documents U-Box

Umbrella/Umbrella Ltd* ist ein  Label der Nuts Handels Gmbh  1190 Wien Sollingergasse 25-5. Firmensitz Wien, Handelsgericht Wien. 


Adresse: Nuts Handels GmbH A-1190 Wien Sollingergasse 25-5 FAX 0043 1 34242 902626 Sämtliche juristischen Belange mit Umbrella/Umbrella Ltd. betreffen daher ausschliesslich die Nuts Handels GmbH 
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